The Reader

February 28, 2009



There are not a lot of women in the industry that can express a wider range of emotions than Kate. Her performance in the Reader wasn’t without flaw, but she obviously deserved an award for the flurry in Little Children. Her young lover, in my opinion is someone to watch out for in the coming years.

As for the film, it’s simple. Without the background music, you’d even ask what’s all the fuss about. That of course is the brilliance of the film. It dwells into the intricacies of Law, Morality and Choice without trying to prove anything.

Ideal to wake yourself up on a beautiful Saturday morning.


Away From Her

January 22, 2009


My eyes were filled with tears to the end. Perhaps it was the scotch that I was drinking. Perhaps it was the film.

The kind of love in the film, the Unselfish type, is what I’ve searched for all my life. Elusive as it may be, the film actually gave me hope. At least for a while.

I kind of like the way they’ve ended it. What happens to the couple is not shown. But the intimate moment they share together, surpasses a million happily-ever-afters.


October 16, 2008

Slow moving film. With a lot of beautiful scenes. Not much of a story though. Wish the dialogue was richer.

Phoebe from Friends (Lisa Kudrow) looks ancient.

Walking Life

October 11, 2008

Since the latter part of my childhood, after falling in love with Zen and Taoism, I’ve sprung an acute self-awareness. One that supersedes my sexuality. And perhaps even superseding my humanity. That’s probably why I felt Ms. Perera’s frustration after reading her take on being a female student in Sri Lanka (among other things) and that’s why I felt so vibrant when I came across this quixotic piece of science fiction.

Even though I couldn’t really make out what it is, lucid dreaming and bieng conscoius has been an integral and rather enjoyable part of my life.

The film walking life is kind of a prolific statement of what’s been bugging me all these years.

How can dreams be so vivid? Why can’t our minds conjure such whimsical thoughts when awake? Is it because we confine ourselves too much in real life? Is there really such a thing called collective knowledge and genetic memory? Or are we allowed to tap into other dimensions which amounts to the infinite knowledge that seems to come out of nowhere?

The film doesn’t have an answer to these questions. But it puts them in a nice sequence which I haven’t been able to do so far.

Lars and the Real Girl

October 1, 2008

This is said to be a Comedy/Drama.  I’d like to classify it as a passive psycological thriller.

The plot is about a delusional man who thinks his blowup doll is real.

But as the story unwound I felt compelled to probe into the mirror and check for existing delusions in meself.
It’s scary, because throughout the film it shows that the ones we love tend to play along with our delusions just to make us happy. And in the process we miss a lot of things which are right in front of our eyes.

This film actually made me focus on the present moment, rethink my priorities and take a reality check before doing anything else. A dose of intense physical exercise, meditation and a hot shower later, I’m still trying to figure out what’s real and what’s not.


September 18, 2008

It has a lot of bollocks and a lot of fucks. Science fiction in genre, but bieng of British origin, the movie has managed to take audiences back to the future.

It’s bloody, cannibalistic, and has a happy ending.

There’s no ulterior meaning (apart from the whole post-modern apocolyptic self-preserving attitude that will leave the human race cleaved… and the other usual doomsday stuff), so one can be blissfully ignorant or switch the brain on neutral, and still be able to enjoy the film without much trouble.

In Bruges

September 14, 2008

I’ve been losing grip on how simple life really is.

This film was an eye-opener. Not because the movie deals with death, but because the beauty of the film lies in little things. A smile. A smirk. The irrational laughter of a fertile young woman. A quarrel between two friends. The pride and prejudice of a small guesthouse hostess. The self-loathing anger of an emo wanna-be bad dude.

The plot didn’t really work for me. But every other thing in this film did.

Iron Man

September 12, 2008

A little late with this. But I’m only as quick as the p2p networks.

A Titanium-Gold Alloy Suit. Never thought those were weldable, let alone bulletproof. But the color is nice no? So no matter.

Apart from the suit, the hero is quite human. An articulate womanizer, a modern day Leonardo da Vinci, and a man who speaks his mind. There are no superpowers, no ninjas and most of all no girl friend who accidently falls in love with the other guy.

Never knew it was possible to make such a film.

The Fall

September 6, 2008

This film touched me in more ways than one. I felt the man’s pain as if it were mine, and was swept away in the innocence of the little girl’s carefree attitude towards life. It’s not a sad film. It actually made me smile. Several times.

The awesomeness of the Panda and the cliche kungfu movie plot, makes the film unbearably funny.

But the beauty of the film is how the panda is motivated to learn kungfu on his own terms.

It’s a must watch for all HR managers, teachers and management students who want to know the ins and outs of reward mechanics.