Blonde or Freckles?

May 15, 2009


Is not the Question. The real question is whether James wanted to be La flour or Sawyer.

What most women don’t understand is; men don’t love women for who they are, we love women for what they inspire in us.


The Air I Breathe

July 11, 2008

Crash was definitely better.

Think they mixed up Happiness and Pleasure. And are completely confused on the Love.

Guess that’s how the world works. The film doesn’t deliver, but it has it’s moments.


May 14, 2008

Watching Juno was probably the most fun I’ve had in ages. I used to be a sucker for tomboy girls, and this really waked a side of me I thought was long gone.

Ellen Page is fucking hilarious. Even more so that Letterman. She was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for her performance in Juno as well as being nominated for Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People list.

That’s pretty scary, specially when you’re a 21 year old.

Seriously I must find meself a strong witty young woman…


March 28, 2008

…..was awesome.


It’s a childish and enchanting story. Enchanting enough to wake the romantic child in me who fell in love with it every second of the way.

I think I’m still falling. Wishing upon a star, to come down to Earth, so that we can rule the world. And more importantly, to ditch an arrogant little Earth Bitch and telling her to get over herself. That’s priceless too.

It’s a truly magical film that made me 10 years younger. Perhaps even younger.

No Country for Old Men

February 22, 2008



I murder croachroaches and spiders on a daily basis. Why?

Because they’re an “inconvience”. For both me and for the friends that come to my room. I consider them “expendable” because they’re stupid, can’t think for themselves and more importantly can’t kill me back.

But this recent movie got me questioning about humans who can’t think for themselves, and who are nothing more than an inconvienience.

 What if I had the power to kill Prabakaran? What if I had the power to kill Mahinda? What if I was intelligent and powerful enough to kill all the blood-sucking-patriotic-sun-of-a-bitches in this country and get away with it? 

I may not even think twice.

Watch the movie. It’s fucking brilliant!

Having sex with your best friend, a witch, a prostitute and a princess who was locked up in a tower far far away by a cannibalistic curse, is not neccessarily bad. If of course, you’re a impotent mutant born and bred to fight monsters and power-thirsty mages.

That’s one of the things me learned from Witcher. A game that has really taken me by surprise. Even though the plot is pretty predictable and the charactors filled with cliche, the protaganist of the story really grew on me after a while. Not to mention the half naked women and their juicy Tits.

Same medival timeline, with a mashed up dungeons and dragons influence, the game is pretty decent given the fact that it’s suitable only for adults. Actualy it’s the only game I’ve seen in a while that delivers the whole package  (ie., a nice looking interface, superb graphics, well executed story line and innovative gameplay). Crysis was too darn FarCryish, World in Conflict too demanding -even for my 7900GS, and Bioshock with all it’s gloroius philosophy was too darn Systemshockish.

But my unfathomable love towards Witcher really came as a result of the single hand control it gives to the gamer. So one hand on the mouse, the other hand on the ……um Pringles bowl, and I’m off…

P.S. No, seroiusly there’s not a lot of sex. Just a decent game with some references here and there. All in all, worth the buy. 


Several online polls like this one, say that the best ever science fiction short story written was Nightfall by Issac Asimov. (Until it recently came down to second place so that the story called Ender’s game could come first.)

I listened to Nightfall on the escape pod and half way through I felt thoroughly cheated. It’s a good story alright. But not very mind bending. I was searching for some crazy alien technology scrambled with a hint of popular science. Maybe some string theory in between and a wild conspiracy theory to wipe all life by means of neutron bombs and well placed nano-bots who are controlled by a central AI who’s reached far beyond any singularity that the human mind can understand.

Instead all I got was some depressing debate with a psychologist, cultist, scientist and journalist trying to figure out whether the world is actually going to end in a couple of hours or whether it was just a fragment of their imaginations.

But after listening to the whole story, which was actually written in 1941, and thus can be excused from not having the above cheap fictitious elements I longed for, me and meself realized deeply that stories are built on more subtle things.

So my review of Nighfall can be summed up in these few words; it’s boring but brilliant.