Valentine’s Day Post

May 22, 2009

It was more of a valentine’s week.

Love seemed to be in the air, and people were literally dancing around half naked. It was a cross-blend between a Big Match and a mass orgy.

While coming back from work, I see a bunch of sexually-frustrated males waving Sri Lankan flags and shouting inappropriate things to women walking along the street. I see traffic policemen ignore some of the drunk patriot drivers simply because there’s too much of them on the streets. I see gangsters giving pep-talks and creating heroes out of zeros. I see completely rational people listening to them, and wanting to believe that now everything will be alright.

A valentine’s week. It’s was exactly that. A Celebration of Love. But not Love.

A Celebration of Peace. But not Peace.


The Poltical Colomn and Defence Colomn of the Sunday Times couldn’t have been more clearer about the battles that raged last week.

It was all a show. One big happy media campaign for the Eastern Election that went terribly wrong. The deaths of all those brave soldiers, the fool-hardy offensive which didn’t include air or naval assistance and the patriotic announcements of an up-coming forward offensive…… I mean really? Who in their right minds (other than a politically fucked up bunch of patriotic assholes trying to win some cheap votes) would call up and publisize plans of a major attack before even thinking of an attack?

It must all seem lilke a bad dream to Keheliya mama who thinks we’re idiotic enough to believe that the LTTE “started it”.

Well I guess most of us will continue to be idiots in the future. So no matter.

Sorry for the Sasha Cohen topic line, but me couldn’t resist. Tommorow we start the war. Officially.

For some, it’s awesome. For others… well, it’s just death.


(cartoon courtesy weTHErobots.)