Open this with caution. It’s probably the question of our times.

I just love the soft gentle music which sets the mood…


Turning the screensaver on your brain apparently induces some pretty weird shit.

I’ve been trying to meditate and enjoy sum lucid dreaming (not the wet type) during the past weeks, and have mildly succeeded. Not that real life is without its orgasms, but the dream world is a pretty interesting place. Just ask Alice, if you don’t believe me..

But this ganzfeld effect seems to bring a whole new dimension to the equation. They say that depression might be a side effect, but who cares? Being miserable has its perks.

Wicked & Wild

July 25, 2008

Listened to this song on the radio today morning.

For the first time in weeks, I felt fully awake. Conscious even. Don’t believe in genetic memory and such tales, but for some reason I felt old, and felt as if I know things that I shouldn’t. Feelings of altruism also filled me mind, and I wondered for a moment if I was high on something…

The feeling passed away. And I’m back to being the old lonely me.

The Air I Breathe

July 11, 2008

Crash was definitely better.

Think they mixed up Happiness and Pleasure. And are completely confused on the Love.

Guess that’s how the world works. The film doesn’t deliver, but it has it’s moments.

Being a Buddhist in Sri Lanka is similar to being a god-fearing advocate of the Roman Catholic Church.

I’m pissed because I was forced to hear a bana yesterday night. The fucking monk went on and on about the virtues of shame and fear (lajjawa saha baya) as if they were the foundations of society. Well, come to think of it, he is right; the very core of sinhala-buddhist practice is fear and shame.

The reason why good people dwell in silence is because of fear and shame. The reason why no body gives a fuck and nobody wants to change anything is because of fear and shame. The reason why every Sri Lankan is suspended in a cold-death like coma is because of fear and shame.

The youth who are destined to become the change in this country are reduced to 70 year-old grandmas and grandpas who would rather sit in their arm chair and look at the sky all day. Due to fear and shame.

These religious nutjobs are driving me crazy each and everyday. It’s one thing thing to be impotent and seek only tranquility in life. But depriving a whole nation of living a passionate and fulfilling life? What The Fuck?